China wholesale hub Advantages

Buy from real manufacturers and ship together. Save money and time!

Reliable Chinese Wholesale Partner

The biggest advantage of wholesaling from China is good price. But the quality has become a problem in online purchases. CWH will help you avoid it.

Collections From Selected Manufacturers

Based on various needs, we collect corresponding products from selected manufacturers to show on our website.

Customized Sourcing Service

We can find products for you according to photos or links of Aliexpress or Alibaba. Quote you a better price, gather goods and ship together.

Chinese Wholesale Directory

Looking for Chinese wholesale websites? We have been collecting various excellent Chinese wholesale distributors into our wholesale directory.

Why Choose Us?

We started our trading business since early 2010. As a trading company, we deeply know that only the success of our customers’ business will lead our success. So we have been taking our customers’ needs as the goals of our work. Our team members can speak English well and communicate with merchants from around the world. We can take care of various problems during the purchases.

With more than 8 years experience in trading industry, we know Chinese market well. We have built extensive and stable business relationship with many Chinese manufacturers(factories). Wholesale products from the real manufacturers(factories), instead of the Sellers on Aliexpress and Alibaba, will save considerable money. Simply we can be the supplier of everything to you.

Quality problem has been always an annoyed factor in international purchases. As a stakeholder, we gather and check goods for you before the goods departure China. If the quality is not meet your requirements, it can be solved quickly in China.

Our Latest Products

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